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Welcome to the Nimai web page. With our efforts we want to share whatever inspiration has been given to us and we want to offer everyone something according to their interest. We are connected to an ancient Bhakti Yoga tradition and are ready to answer any question you might have. So to awaken your interest (and still your hunger) we invite you to come and listen to a lecture in our weekly saturdayfeast. And sorry for mixing english and swedish all over the page, but we are an international crew and it somehow always becomes a mix.

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You can get alot of inside-information about us from the blog, there you find updated newsreports and philosophical articles.


Templet är öppet varje dag 06-21
Morgonprogram 06.00
Kvällsprogram 19.00
Lördagsfest 17:00 Föredrag, festmat och ljuva musikupplevelser (bhajans).
Ring gärna innan men det går bra att bara "droppa in" också.

The temple is open every day 06-21
Morning program 06.00
Evening program 19.00
Saturday feast 17.00 (Music/mantra meditation, lecture, sanctified vegetarian meal)

Underåsg. 24 / Fabriksg.
412 51 Gårda
tel. 031 - 405 108



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