q Welcome to the village of peace. My name is Dr. Frog. I was born in the city of pity. I was a brilliant scholar with top grades and I tried to understand things by relating it to my experience and of course to what I had seen on my TV.
But then one day, another frog crogged to that he had seen a vast mass of water that was called the "Ocean". So I asked if it was as big as my cloak. The visiting frog tried to explain that the Ocean could not be compared to the cloak in which I was living. Then I asked; "Is it twice as big?". The discussion continued and finally the visiting frog gave up on me and said: "Come with me to the village of peace, there you can learn about the whole cosmic creation, not just cloaks and oceans!"

I accepted the invitation and we started to jump and jump and jump until we reached here to the Village of Peace. Here I found my new home in this well, after all I am a frog and can´t manage for so long in the hot sun.